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Resources for Journalism Educators

To assist journalism educators and college media advisors in training the next generation of journalists, the Dart Center is pleased to announce a new compendium of resources developed in collaboration with Dart Academic Fellow and San Diego State Associate Professor of Journalism, Amy Schmitz Weiss.

In Depth: Covering Suicide

Media coverage of suicide is a public health issue. In addition to judging whether a story is newsworthy, journalists need to be aware that their reporting can have wider impacts, not just on relatives and friends of the deceased, but also on readers and audiences. Dart Centre Europe has released a new, comprehensive tip sheet for journalists on covering suicide.

Inside the Deadly War Against Pakistan's Media

In his native Pakistan, investigative journalist Umar Cheema has endured kidnapping, torture, and intense criticism. Following his support of colleague Hamid Mir, who was nearly assassinated in April, Cheema reports that surveillance and harassment of him and his colleagues have markedly increased. This article was originally published by the Global Investigative Journalism Network.

3 Al Jazeera Journalists Convicted

A six month courtroom drama that provoked an international outcry from journalists and human rights groups came to a shocking climax today in Cairo when an Egyptian court sentenced three al Jazeera journalists to long prison terms on charges of collaborating with terrorists to broadcast false reports.

Chong-ae Lee on Korea's National Tragedy

The sinking of the Sewol ferry off the coast of South Korea in April was a tragedy felt around the world, leaving nearly 300 dead, most of them young students. As Korea struggles to comprehend the loss, Korean journalists are reckoning with the consequences of their own failings, and the trauma of bearing witness. Chong-ae Lee reports from Seoul.

Application Guidelines: 2014-15 Ochberg Fellowship

Application guidelines for senior and mid-career journalists who want to deepen their knowledge of emotional trauma and psychological injury, and improve reporting on violence, conflict and tragedy. All application materials must be submitted by October 1, 2014 at 11:59pm E.S.T. Click here to apply now.

Deadline Today! Ochberg Fellowship

The Ochberg Fellowship, now in its 16th year, is the Dart Center's flagship program for senior and mid-career journalists who wish to deepen their knowledge of emotional trauma and psychological injury, and improve reporting on violence, conflict and tragedy. The application deadline is October 1, 2014. Click here to apply.

Paramilitary Victims: Inconvenient Truths in N. Ireland

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has, for now, put his alleged role in the IRA’s 1972 murder of Belfast woman Jean McConville behind him as his party topped polls in European and local government elections. Irish journalist Susan McKay analyzes the impact of the McConville case, and of Northern Ireland's broader effort to come to terms with its past.