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Dark Eyes and Bullet Holes: Reflections on Covering War

Amantha Perera, a foreign correspondent and Dart Centre Asia Pacific’s Regional Facilitator, reflects on covering the Sri Lankan Civil War. “I did not see fear. I did not see sorrow, hate or revenge. I wish I had,” he writes. “I saw a deep, unfathomable darkness. An abyss. As if there was nothing left to feel, nothing to live for.”

Documenting the War Widows of Afghanistan

Robert Nickelsberg has been photographing in Afghanistan since 1988. When he returned to Kabul this fall, he thought of a new way to cover the complexity of the conflict, focusing on those left behind: war widows. “This is really what all those deaths add up to,” he said. “The challenge for a country to take care of its people.” A Dart Center Q&A.

Oct 27-30, 2016

Reporting Safely in Crisis Zones Course

New York, NY - United States
The Dart Center is offering an intensive four-day crisis reporting course at Columbia Journalism School to prepare journalists to work safely and effectively in volatile situations such as war, conflict and disaster zones. The course emphasizes risk assessment and harm prevention. Applications are now closed.
May 11, 2016

Farewell Kabul: A Conversation with Christina Lamb

New York, NY - United States - North America
12:30 pm
At Columbia Journalism School in New York City, join Christina Lamb for a wide-ranging conversation on the risks and challenges of her career as a correspondent, and on what she’s learned from her decades covering Afghanistan and South Asia.
Nov 11, 2015

From Rifles to Laptops: Combat Veterans Covering Conflicts

New Haven, CT - United States - North America
In New Haven, Connecticut, a Veteran's Day panel discussion featuring reporters and combat veterans covering conflict around the world, including Ochberg Fellows Finbarr O'Reilly and Kelly Kennedy.