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2017 Dart Awards, in Pictures

Last week, the Dart Center hosted a reception, awards presentation and winners’ roundtable to honor the 2017 Dart Award winners.

2017 Dart Award Finalists

This year's Dart Awards went to The Salt Lake Tribune for its coverage of sexual assault at Brigham Young University and to for “A Life Sentence: Victims, Offenders, Justice and My Mother." An honorable mention went to The New York Times. 

The following nine pieces were finalists: ABC News and Marvel Comics, "Madaya Mom”;  APM Reports, “In the Dark”; The Associated Press, “Honor Bound”; The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “License to Betray”; The Boston Globe, "Private Schools, Painful Secrets”; The Chicago Tribune, “Tavon and the Bullet”; Reuters “The Road to Ward 17: My Battle with PTSD"; The St. Louis Post Dispatch, The Crisis WIthin”; and Texas Monthly, “The Reckoning”

A Life Sentence: Victims, Offenders, Justice, And My Mother

This intensely personal documentary tells the story of a violent crime committed against reporter Samantha Broun’s mother, its far-reaching impact on her family and decades of reverberations on politics and the criminal justice system. Judges described “A Life Sentence” as a “deeply honest,” “brave” and personal story “elevated to great journalism.” Originally published by in March, 2016.

Lasting Scars

This three-part series exposes the hidden legacy of torture perpetrated by the United States at C.I.A. prisons and Guantanamo, and examines the long-term consequences on prisoners. Judges called it “incredibly important journalism,” and commended it for providing “a new angle on the urgent topic of torture.” Originally published by The New York Times in October and November, 2016.

Coverage of Campus Sexual Assault at BYU

This exhaustive and meticulously reported year-long inquiry into BYU’s practice of investigating students who report sexual assaults for possible violations of the school’s Honor Code led to sweeping policy changes at BYU, and prompted wider soul-searching on rape culture in Utah. Judges called The Salt Lake Tribune’s coverage “a rare combination of journalistic rigor, aggressive reporting and compassion.” Originally published by The Salt Lake Tribune between April - October, 2016.