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A Lawyer For "AZ" Speaks Out

Following the landmark PTSD case in which a journalist referred to as "AZ" sought damages against Australia's The Age newspaper, Bree Knoester, one of the plaintiff's lawyers, reflects on the case, which was ultimately won by The Age. Perhaps injuries are not preventable at all," Knoester writes. "What is clear, particularly through the work of Dart, is that there are systems that can be put in place by media organisations."

Ukrainian Journalist Killed as Crisis Worsens

In what one official called "the worst act of violence suffered by media members since the start of the protests in December," Ukrainian journalist Vyacheslav Veremyi was shot by masked gunmen outside Independence Square. It is the latest example of journalists being targeted.

Covering Immigrants & Immigration: Tips from Experts

Following our workshop, “Covering Immigrants & Refugees,” the Dart Center caught up with speakers Cindy Carcamo, Michael Matza, Gary Pierre-Pierre, and Maria Sacchetti, who spoke about linguistic issues, identity protection, and how the immigration beat has changed, while sharing invaluable tips for working journalists.

Deadline Today! 2014 Dart Awards

The Dart Awards for Excellence in Coverage of Trauma honor innovative, ethical and effective reporting of human tragedy across all media platforms. The deadline to submit is Wednesday January 29, 2014 at 11:59 PM. Click here for submission guidlines, and click here to submit your entry.

What Every Freelancer At Risk Needs To Know

Dart Centre Europe Director Gavin Rees recently wrote for the BBC about the importance of taking account of trauma, not only for the well-being of journalists but the integrity of their work. The BBC hosted a day of workshops aimed at sharing expertise on working in hostiles environments, aimed particularly at freelancers.

Dallas 50 Years Later

To live in Dallas is to own a small piece of the trauma of JFK’s assassination, writes Kael Alford. The tragedy came to define Dallas to the outside world but failed to describe residents’ own personal experiences. As the city prepares for the 50th anniversary of that fateful day, those memories are resurfacing. Photos and text by Kael Alford.