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Dallas 50 Years Later

To live in Dallas is to own a small piece of the trauma of JFK’s assassination, writes Kael Alford. The tragedy came to define Dallas to the outside world but failed to describe residents’ own personal experiences. As the city prepares for the 50th anniversary of that fateful day, those memories are resurfacing. Photos and text by Kael Alford.

Welcoming the 2013 Dart Center Ochberg Fellows

The Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism has announced recipients of the 2013 Ochberg Fellowships for journalists seeking to deepen their reporting of violence, conflict and tragedy.

This year’s Fellows include outstanding mid-career journalists in all media, representing eight nations and five continents.

Gavin Rees On "The Trauma Factor"

In a new book about challenges facing journalism, Dart Centre Europe Director Gavin Rees contributes a chapter about recent insights into trauma science and what journalists and media scholars can learn about them.

Book Review: Thank You For Your Service

Matthew Ricketson, a director of the Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma Asia-Pacific, review's David Finkel's latest book "Thank You For Your Service." A version of this review originally appeared in The Weekend Australian on October 12, 2013. On November 20, the Dart Center will host a conversation between Finkel and Steve Coll at Columbia Journalism School in New York City. Click here for event details.

Record Typhoon Hits Philippines

A powerful typhoon that may be the strongest tropical cyclone to make landfall in recorded history has hit the Philippines with millions in its path. The Dart Center has resources for journalists covering natural disaster. 

Under the Radar In Syria

As revolutions spread across the Middle East in 2011, Syrian American author and Dart Fellow Alia Malek decided to leave New York and move to Damascus, where her family had a home. In an interview with the Dart Center, she talks about the Syrian media, misunderstandings about the conflict, and living undercover. With photos by David Degner.

Speaker Bios

Speaker bios for the the 2013 Dart Center workshop "Covering Immigrants and Refugees."

De Cesare Accepts Cabot Prize

On Monday night, winners of the 75th Annual Maria Moors Cabot Prizes Ceremony were honored at Columbia University's Low Memorial Library. They included Jon Lee Anderson, Mauri König and Alejandro Santos Rubino, as well as documentary photographer and Dart Media Curator Donna De Cesare. Her acceptance speech is published below. Her new book is here.