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2011 Dart Awards Honor Outstanding Reporting on Institutions

There are many forces that suppress stories of trauma, from the active denial of perpetrators to the passive denial of those who prefer to look away.  But when human tragedy is embedded in complex institutions — high school, higher ed, the military — the challenges of reporting and storytelling multiply.

April 27: Crusading Against Silence

The 2011 Dart Awards recognize searing, in-depth investigations which exposed how important institutions — schools, universities and the military — betray the very people they are supposed to protect: victims of teenage bullying and campus rape, brain-injured soldiers and families left behind by war. On Wednesday, April 27, we invite you to join us in celebrating the winners and engaging in a conversation on journalism that is both hard-hitting and humane.

How Not to Write About Rape

Rwanda-based freelancer Jina Moore makes a compelling argument that writing about trauma demands a moral and ethical frame that is distinct from standard journalistic practice. 

Al Jazeera Staffer Killed in Libya

Caught in an ambush by supporters of Muammar Gaddafi near the rebel-held city of Benghazi, an Al Jazeera cameraman has become the first journalist killed in the month-long uprising in Libya. 

Dangers Grow for Correspondents Covering Libya Uprising

Three BBC correspondents were detained, beaten and tortured in Libya before being released. UPDATE: A Guardian correspondent remains in government custody and a Brazilian correspondent has been released.