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Quake Wreaks Havoc on New Zealand's 'Darkest Day'

Christchurch is in crisis mode, as recovery efforts continue to free hundreds still trapped in collapsed buildings in the city's central business district. Dart Australasia offers resources to those covering the quake.

Journalism Educators: Apply Online for 2011 Dart Academic Fellowships

Applications are now open for college and university journalism educators seeking to hone their classroom skills in the coverage of tragic events. The program is set for June 15-18 at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City; deadline is March 25.

In Defense of Wikileaks

 As an organisation concerned with the safety and well-being of media professionals, Dart Centre Australasia and its associates call upon the Australian Government to protect the civil rights of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Columbia Journalism Profs Voice Concern over Wikileaks Prosecution

As the Obama Administration weighs criminal prosecution of Wikileaks and its founder over release of a trove of diplomatic cables, members of the Columbia Journalism School faculty warn such action could endanger the work of all investigative journalists.

The Vigilance of Community Broadcasters

When a community is hit by a tragedy – natural disaster, accident or crime – local broadcasters are often the first on the scene. And they continue to bear witness long after bigger media groups have gone.