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Ukrainian Journalist Killed as Crisis Worsens

In what one official called "the worst act of violence suffered by media members since the start of the protests in December," Ukrainian journalist Vyacheslav Veremyi was shot by masked gunmen outside Independence Square. It is the latest example of journalists being targeted.

In Kiev Riots, Journalists Targeted

In the last week, as many as 40 journalists have been injured by Kiev police or had their equipment destroyed while trying to cover the mass protest there. The Dart Center has resources for how journalists can safely and effectively deal with such situations.

Iraqi Journalists Share Stories of Violence

On July 19, the Dart Center hosted a group of ten Iraqi journalists at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism as part of an international visitor program through the U.S. State Department, which gathers journalists from post-conflict nations and emerging democracies and brings them to U.S. for discussions with news organizations about press freedom.