Resources for Suicide

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Two Deaths, Two Contexts

In Baghdad, Chancellor Keesling, a 25-year-old soldier from Indianapolis, shot and killed himself. In Tehran, Neda Agha Soltan, a 26-year-old student, was shot and killed as she watched a peaceful protest.

Two very different deaths, two very different news stories, but both required context to express or arouse anything but pain and loss.

Reporting on Suicide

Public radio reporter/producer Cindi E Deutschman-Ruiz gives advice on reporting on suicide.

Tacoma Shootings Intensify Debate

When Tacoma Police Chief David Brame shot his wife, Crystal Brame, then himself, on the afternoon of April 26, the assault/suicide intensified public debate about the responsibilities of individuals, law enforcement, and media in combating domestic violence.


Journalists continue to struggle with effective, sensitive, and consistent reporting on suicide. In this three-part series, Meg Spratt, with Dart Fellow Liisa Hyvarinen, Dart Executive Committee Chair Emeritus Frank Ochberg, and others, explore the issues and complexities of responsible coverage.