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Guest Column: Flight 1549 an Eerie Miracle

Two weeks ago, we blogged about what newspapers were calling a "controlled landing" and TV networks were calling a "plane crash" in the Hudson River. Today, Maria Alvarez, a 2002 Dart Center Ochberg Fellow who covered the 9/11 attacks and aftermath for the New York Post, writes about her experience reporting on Flight 1549, and how it brought back memories of a very different day when a plane appeared in New York City's skies.

33 Years Later, Send the Balibo 5 Home

33 years ago today, five journalists working for Australian TV networks were killed by Indonesian forces in East Timor, their bodies incinerated and interred at a cemetery in Jakarta. Details about the deaths of Gary Cunningham, Brian Peters, Malcolm Rennie, Greg Shackleton and Tony Stewart were shrouded in mystery, but the fact of their deaths has made them a potent symbol of the threats journalists face worldwide. Dart Centre Australasia joins the Prime Minister of Australia and a 2007 coroner's inquest in calling for all parties to respect the wishes of the families of the "Balibo Five" who call for repatriating their relatives' remains.

Remembering Matthew Shepard, A Decade Later

"Ten Years Later, Shepard Case Haunts Reporters." That was the headline of an NPR story this weekend, commemorating the 10th anniversary of gay college student Matthew Shepard's brutal murder with stories from local journalists who reported it. Their words make plain the importance of resources and support for journalists thrust into reporting a communal tragedy.

Seven Stories for a Tragic Anniversary

On the morning of July 7th, 2005, explosions in three trains and one bus in London wounded hundreds and killed 52, including the terrorists responsible. In "Seven Stories 7/7: Three Years On," Emily Dugan at the Independent lets seven survivors share stories and reflections on both the tragic day and the three intervening years.