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Navigating the VA

Veterans Affairs is an intimidating bureacracy for journalists; the Executive Director of Veterans for Common Sense gives a run-down of essential reporting resources.

In a Tornado's Path: Reporting the Spring Storm Season

Spring storms have spawned hundreds of tornados and claimed hundreds of lives in southern and midwestern states. The latest storm, on May 22, has devastated Joplin, Missouri. And the season's not over yet. Here are resources to help cover the tragic consequences of extreme weather.

Guide for Reporting the Japan Quake

Comprehensive advice from an environmental issues writer and editor for news professionals bound for Japan: how to prepare, what to expect and how to keep yourself safe while reporting on the earthquake, tsunami and damaged nuclear plants.

Earthquake Advice From One Who's Been There

Stay empathetic, stow your ego and keep focused on finding great stories: award-winning photographer Patrick Hamilton's experiences covering quakes in Papua, New Guinea are relevant to newsgatherers working in the Christchurch quake zone.

Covering Volatile Street Protests

Report on both sides of the conflict, but don't get caught in the middle; know your exit route at all times; remain engaged but detached. News professionals offer insights to reporters and photojournalists on best practices when reporting on volatile confrontations.