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'Restrepo:' A New Kind of War Movie

Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington insist they didn't want to make an activist movie. They wanted to make a documentary that showed what military deployment was like, politics aside. They wanted to show why men keep going back to war even after the trauma and the bloodshed, why they keep seeking that sense of brotherhood. In the film "Restrepo," they've succeeded.

How YouTube Is Changing Conflict Reporting

PBS' "Frontline" recently brought together a group of international experts in conflict reporting to talk about new challenges and needs in the field. The network also recorded the event, and has just made available online polished videos of lively conversations between journalists and advocates from Current TV, the New York Times, the Committee, Protect Journalists and others.

Audio: Conflict Journalism and Surviving Kidnap

Last month in Bonn, Germany, news media, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, politicians, artists, entrepreneurs and scientists from all over the world came together to discuss conflict in a multimedia age. The Dart Center organized panels on "The Trauma Factor: The Missing Ingredient in Conflict Journalism" and "Surviving Kidnap": You now can download or listen online to the audio.