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Tip Sheet Collection: Victims and Dealing with the Past

This collection of tip sheets, written by journalist Susan McKay, is part of a Queen’s University Belfast project exploring the intersection between victims and ‘dealing with the past’ in Northern Ireland, in particular through examining the themes of voice, agency, and blame.

It includes guidelines on 1) interviewing victims and survivors of conflict; 2) representing and engaging with victims and survivors for journalists, editors and educators; 3) speaking to journalists and the media.

Mar 26, 2019

TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT: When Investigative Reporting Hits Home

New York, NY - United States - North America
4 p.m.
Please join the Dart Center for TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT: When Investigative Reporting Hits Home, a special discussion on projects involving journalists' own families and communities, featuring Pulitzer winner Joe Hight, author of UNNECESSARY SORROW: A JOURNALIST INVESTIGATES LIFE AND DEATH OF HIS OLDER BROTHER - ORDAINED, DISCARDED, SLAIN, forthcoming from The RoadRunner Press.With Unnecessary Sorrow Hight has turned his finely-honed skill at reporting sensitive controversies to the story of his brother Paul Hight, a former Catholic priest killed in an encounter with police after a lifetime of struggle with mental illness. Joe will discuss the craft and ethical challenges that come with investigative projects that touch vital nerves in reporters’ own families and communities, and explore lessons for reporting on mental illness and tragedy.

Shooting Ghosts: A Journey Back from War

In September 2017, the Dart Center hosted journalists and Ochberg Fellows Finbarr O'Reilly and Thomas Brennan for a conversation about their joint memoir, Shooting Ghosts: A U.S. Marine, a Conflict Photographer, and Their Journey Back from War. Scroll down for the full event video and a lightly edited transcript.

Remembering Seamus Kelters: Pioneering Trauma Journalist

Seamus Kelters, who died suddenly on September 27, 2017, was an influential chronicler of Northern Ireland’s civil conflict and co-author of Lost Lives: The Story of the Men, Women and Children Who Died As A Result of the Northern Ireland Troubles. An early Dart Center Ochberg Fellow, he played a central role in the evolution of trauma-aware journalism. We asked several friends and colleagues for remembrances of Seamus and his work. Below, reflections and recollections by Susan McKay, Scott North, Donna DeCesare, Frank Ochberg, Joe Hight, Elana Newman, Gavin Rees and Bruce ShapiroScroll down for excerpts, and click to the right to read the full pieces.

Impunity in Mexico: Remembering Javier Valdez

One month after Mexican journalist Javier Valdez was assassinated outside his workplace, we asked seven journalists to reflect on his murder and the impact of violence and impunity on their work. Below, Donna DeCesare introduces pieces by Melissa del Bosque, Javier Garza, Michel Marizco, Maria Teresa Ronderos, Christopher Sherman and ​Marcela Turati. Scroll down for excerpts, and click to the right to read the full pieces.