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Jun 25 2012 4:46 PM

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New Resources for PTSD Awareness Month Launched

June 27 has been designated National PTSD Awareness Day by the U.S. Congress – and all month, the National Center for PTSD, the country’s foremost center for research and advocacy on psychological trauma, has been launching new web resources aimed at raising PTSD Awareness.

The new PTSD Awareness Month website hosted by the National Center for PTSD (part of the Veterans Administration) includes video interviews with veterans and other individuals about living with recognizing symptoms, living with PTSD and getting help, along with a wide range of tipsheets, resources for families and other information. The site walks visitors through PTSD treatment, includes guidelines for therapists, and even offers “12 Ways Community Members Can Help,” ranging from self-education to posting flyers in workplaces and schools.


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