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Reporters striving to responsibly cover suicide have to balance concerns of privacy, stigma and avoiding copycat incidents.

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  • Tip Sheet

    Recommendations for Reporting on Suicide

    Suggestions for responsibly covering suicide while balancing concerns of privacy, stigma and avoiding copycat incidents.

  • In Depth

    GermanWings Crash Kills 150

    A German airliner crashed into the French Alps on Tuesday, killing all 150 people on board. Below are tip sheets and other resources for journalists covering this evolving story.

  • Announcement

    New Resources for Journalism Educators

    To assist journalism educators and college media advisors in training the next generation of journalists, the Dart Center is pleased to announce a new compendium of resources developed in collaboration with Dart Academic Fellow and San Diego State Associate Professor of Journalism, Amy Schmitz Weiss.

  • Tip Sheet

    Covering Suicide

    A Dart Center Tip Sheet for College Media Advisors, Editors and Student Journalists.

  • In Depth

    In Depth: Covering Suicide

    Media coverage of suicide is a public health issue. In addition to judging whether a story is newsworthy, journalists need to be aware that their reporting can have wider impacts, not just on relatives and friends of the deceased, but also on readers and audiences. Dart Centre Europe has released a new, comprehensive tip sheet for journalists on covering suicide.

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Outside Resources

  • The Suicide Paradox


    Freakonomics Radio investigates suicide and suicide contagion.

  • Reporting on Suicide

    Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition

    Recommendations for the media from several organizations.

  • Reporting on Suicide

    Poynter Online

    Public radio reporter/producer Cindi E Deutschman-Ruiz gives advice on reporting on suicide.