New Research from Japan on Journalists and Trauma

Incredible strides are being made to understand traumatic stress reactions among journalists across the globe. However, the language barrier between English speaking audiences and non-English language research has hindered the flow of information and resulted in a lack of common knowledge about the experiences of journalists around the world. Miho Hatanaka and her colleagues are one of many research teams around the world who are studying the impact of trauma and stress on journalists. Much of their well-respected work has been published in Japanese journals and presented at international conferences over the last several years. Recently, Hatanaka shared with us several English abstracts of their work, including eleven journal articles and six conference presentations. We are happy to provide a brief overview (In English) of their fascinating research findings.

Click here for an expanded overview from the Dart Center's Research Director Elana Newman and her University of Tulsa Research Associate, Kelsey Parker.

Click here for English abstracts from 11 journal articles and six conference presentations.