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May 5 2011


2011 Dart Awards Complete Archive

From the text, audio and images of the winning stories to the award winners' panel discussion on reporting challenges, everything related to the 2011 Dart Awards for Excellence in Coverage of Trauma.

Photo: Sonya N. Hebert / Dallas Morning News: 
Noelle Peaster sits with her  ...

Photo: Sonya N. Hebert / Dallas Morning News: Noelle Peaster sits with her children moments before being reunited with her husband, Specialist Christian Peaster. Over 85 percent of Fort Hood's 50,000-plus active duty soldiers have been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan at least once — and most have served at least two tours. The stress of multiple deployments is experienced by soldiers as well as family members.

Every year, the Dart Awards for Excellence in Coverage of Trauma honor the most sensitive, thoughtful and ethical reporting on survivors of traumatic events with national recognition and a cash prize. They also provide an opportunity for journalists, editors, trauma researchers and victim advocates to talk about how these stories were reported and the values that make them important.

Now the award-winning stories and a report on the awards ceremony and subsequent panel discussions will be archived in a single place on the Dart Center website: the official page of the 2011 Dart Awards event, "Crusading Against Silence: High-Impact Reporting on Invisible Victims."

You can let us know what you think of this new website feature and send us any other feedback about the website by emailing us.

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