Dart Awards

The Dart Awards for Excellence in Coverage of Trauma honor the most sensitive, thoughtful and ethical reporting on survivors of traumatic events.


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Award Lessons

  • The Big Map: Outlining Narratives

    Two sets of Dart Award-winning writers and editors describe how they tackled their complicated stories, and reveal a common secret weapon: a (large) paper outline.

  • Telling the Hardest Stories

    Winners and judges of the Dart Awards for Excellence in Coverage of Trauma break down the process behind  three exemplary stories.

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Award Winners

  • Harper High School: Parts I and II

    This stark two-part radio series follows students, school staff and families as they confront and cope with the deeply disruptive impact of gun violence on their everyday lives. The series offers revelatory insights into gang geography, youth culture, the corrosive impact of trauma and the overwhelming limitations to stemming the tide of violence. Judges called “Harper High School” “profoundly moving” and “extraordinarily comprehensive and compassionate” in its complexity. Originally broadcasted on NPR in February 2013.

  • Grace Through Grief: A Shattered Family Recovers

    This intimate seven-part print and multimedia series tells the story of Arturo Martinez, who suffered life-threatening injuries after an intruder broke into his house and sexually assaulted and murdered his wife and daughter while the rest of the family slept. Judges called "Grace Through Grief" a “deeply reported and inspiring portrayal of a family in the aftermath of horror.” Originally published in the Las Vegas Sun in April, 2013.

  • "What Happened at Dos Erres" and "Finding Oscar"

    This American Life, ProPublica and Fundación MEPI collaborated to produce a stunning and powerful story in multiple formats that uncovers a 1982 massacre of a village in Guatemala. There were only two known survivors. Thirty years later, Oscar Ramirez, living in Boston, got a call from a woman who told him he was one of them. "Finding Oscar" and "What Happened at Dos Erres" were both originally published in May, 2012.

  • Standing Up: Davien's Story

    This powerful and poignant multimedia series tells the story of Davien Graham, who was 16-years old when he was shot by a Latino gang member for being black. With dignity, insight and compassion, the series documents Davien’s life over the course of five years – from his hospital bed to his new life as a paraplegic, through the trial and conviction of his shooter and beyond. Judges called “Standing Up” a “tour de force," “resonating at the highest level of journalistic excellence.” Originally published in the Los Angeles Times in November, 2012.

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