The Children of Central City

This comprehensive series offers a ground-level view of the effects of violence on children and their families, showing not only the psychological toll on young souls, but also the success stories, and scarce resources that are available to help. Judges described this package as a "brilliant body of work" comprised of a "thoughtful mix of beautifully executed stories." They recognized the "tremendous thought and planning" that went into the project, and the "incredible level of trust" the reporters built with the community after initially encountering much skepticism. Originally published by | The Times Picayune in June 2018.


Stories: Jonathan Bullington and Richard A. Webster
Photos: Brett Duke
Videos: Emma Scott
Graphics: Dusty Altena, Jen Cieslak, Frankie Prijatel
Design: Haley Correll, Valeya Miles, Ray Koenig
Editors: Manuel Torres, Carolyn Fox, Mark Lorando

Produced as a project for the Dennis A. Hunt Fund for Health Journalism, a program of the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism.