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In many countries across the globe, freedom of the press and freedom of expression are celebrated as fundamental human rights. But following the most deadly year for journalists to date, governments  and society at large  must acknowledge how these rights are being chipped away, and what their responsibilities are to uphold the civil liberties of those who report the news.

The Dart Center is involved in a variety of press freedom-related activities, including helping to spearhead the Global Safety Principles and Practices campaign on behalf of freelance journalists, supporting news organizations in developing countries, implementing initiatives to address psychological safety and spotlighting the cases of individual journalists targeted with violence.

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  • E-mail Security Tips

    Journalists are increasingly being targeted through their email. Virtually every hack of an individual reporter or entire news organization starts with a relatively simple attack: phishing and spear phishing. Prepare yourself for this eventuality with this e-mail hygiene guide from the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

  • Surveillance Self Defense

    Modern technology has given those in power new abilities to eavesdrop and collect data. Surveillance Self-Defense is Electronic Frontier Foundation's guide to defending yourself and your sources from surveillance by using secure technology and developing careful practices.

  • What To Do If Your Phone Is Seized By The Police

    You’ve been arrested at an event. You’re taken to the police station and your phone is confiscated. When you’re let out, you realize someone has gone through your digital belongings. What now? See this guide from the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

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