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While emergency workers have, particularly in the last decade, recognized the need for self-care and organizational duty of care, journalists may not yet have been recognized as potential candidates for employee safeguards and increased support. Journalists need to remember that there may be a number of potential stress reactions they may have when they report on particularly stressful topics, and know the strategies and resources they can use to stay resilient.

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  • Covering Trauma: Impact on Journalists

    An overview of current research on the occupational hazards for journalists covering traumatic events, the risk factors that aggravate those effects and some suggestions for mitigating those factors.

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    Ethical Reporting on Traumatised People: New DVD

    In conjunction with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Dart Centre Asia Pacific presents a new teaching video dealing with the treatment of news sources, "Getting it Right: Ethical Reporting on People Affected by Trauma." The project was developed to supplement teaching materials for journalism educators. 

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    An Ongoing Quest to Cover Victims with Sensitivity

    In advance of the Ochberg Fellowship, York Daily Record Sunday Editor Scott Blanchard writes about self-care, covering victims and his expectations for next week's fellowship at Columbia Journalism School. This column was originally published in the York Daily Record.

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    What Every Freelancer At Risk Needs To Know

    Dart Centre Europe Director Gavin Rees recently wrote for the BBC about the importance of taking account of trauma, not only for the well-being of journalists but the integrity of their work. The BBC hosted a day of workshops aimed at sharing expertise on working in hostiles environments, aimed particularly at freelancers.

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    Gavin Rees On "The Trauma Factor"

    In a new book about challenges facing journalism, Dart Centre Europe Director Gavin Rees contributes a chapter about recent insights into trauma science and what journalists and media scholars can learn about them.

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  • Dealing With Disaster

    Editor and Publisher

    Joe Strupp and Doug Cosper discuss the problems faced by journalists in extreme situations, with emphasis on the challenges faced at the World Trade Center after 9/11.