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While emergency workers have, particularly in the last decade, recognized the need for self-care and organizational duty of care, journalists may not yet have been recognized as potential candidates for employee safeguards and increased support. Journalists need to remember that there may be a number of potential stress reactions they may have when they report on particularly stressful topics, and know the strategies and resources they can use to stay resilient.

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  • Covering Trauma: Impact on Journalists

    An overview of current research on the occupational hazards for journalists covering traumatic events, the risk factors that aggravate those effects and some suggestions for mitigating those factors.

  • In Depth

    How I'm Coping with Life Inside the Ebola Bubble

    What happens when a disease takes away the ability to touch? From Liberia, Ochberg Fellow and Buzzfeed Africa Bureau Chief Jina Moore on self-care, human connection and reinventing the language of compassion.

  • In Depth

    Sally Sara on PTSD, Returning from Afghanistan

    ABC correspondent and Ochberg Fellow Sally Sara wrote for the first time about experiencing post traumatic stress disorder upon returning home to Australia from Afghanistan. Scroll down to listen to her piece, and read the full text below.

  • Tip Sheet

    Working with Traumatic Imagery

    Photographs and video of horrifying, violent acts may provide essential documentation of human tragedy. But however compelling its news value, traumatic imagery needs to be handled with care, as it can place the wellbeing of those who work with it at risk.

  • Announcement

    New Resources for Journalism Educators

    To assist journalism educators and college media advisors in training the next generation of journalists, the Dart Center is pleased to announce a new compendium of resources developed in collaboration with Dart Academic Fellow and San Diego State Associate Professor of Journalism, Amy Schmitz Weiss.

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Outside Resources

  • Dealing With Disaster

    Editor and Publisher

    Joe Strupp and Doug Cosper discuss the problems faced by journalists in extreme situations, with emphasis on the challenges faced at the World Trade Center after 9/11.

  • Reporting War

    Recommendations for meeting the emotional challenges of covering war, from a group of seasoned veterans.

  • Covering Columbine

    This documentary, available online and on DVD, examines the impact of the news coverage of the Columbine High School shootings.