Larry Kaplow


Larry Kaplow is NPR’s Middle East editor. He has worked with NPR's shows and correspondents to cover the civil war in Syria, the battle against ISIS, wars between Israel and Gaza militants, the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, and other major breaking stories. He has also helped shape NPR’s long-form reports and features for the network’s news magazines and podcasts, including stories that chronicled the struggles of a Gaza man seeking heart surgery, the flight of refugees to the U.S. and the impact on civilians of U.S. military operations. Prior to becoming an editor, Kaplow was a correspondent for Newsweek and Cox Newspapers, based in the Mideast for 12 years. He reported from around the region, covered the Second Intifada, the retreat of the Taliban in 2001, and was among a handful of U.S. reporters in Baghdad during the U.S. invasion in 2003. He was based in Iraq until 2009. Before going overseas, Kaplow covered local and state news for newspapers in Florida. He was also a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala.