Line Vaaben


Line Vaaben is a staff writer and "existential editor" at Politiken. She writes coaches, and coordinates long-term narrative projects and investigative reporting on print, digital platforms and podcast. Since she graduated as a journalist in 2000, she has worked for several national Danish newspapers and has dedicated her career to covering ethical questions embedded in the vicinity of life, death and the territory in between: Fetal diagnostics, palliative care, late abortions and assisted dying. And not least violence and homicide — especially against women and children. Vaaben is also the author of the critically acclaimed "En forudsigelig forbrydelse" (’A predictable Crime) about 536 femicides in Denmark including in depth case stories based on interviews with bereaved, friends, police investigators and court documents. She has also written the authoritative Danish textbook on narrative journalism and is teaching her craft to students and colleagues in several countries.