Dart AsPac Honors Pacific Media Centre with Trauma Award

Dart Centre Asia-Pacific had recognized Pacific Media Centre’s Bearing Witness climate change project with its 2017 Award for Excellence in Coverage. The prize, which honors outstanding reporting on the impact of violence, crime, disaster and other traumatic events on individuals, families and communities, was presented at the annual Ossie Awards in Student Journalism presented at the Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia (JERAA) annual conference at Newcastle University.

Pacific Media Centre journalists Julie Cleaver and Kendall Hutt received the award for a multimedia feature on the Fijian village of Tukuraki, which was hit by a deadly landslide and two cyclones in the space of five years.

“Cleaver and Hutt’s victim-focused story of climate change in Fiji through the eyes of one woman and her family’s tragedy was sensitive, well researched and of a high professional standard,” said Cait McMahon, Dart Centre Asia Pacific Managing Director. "Hearing the survivor’s voice without interference from the journalist resulted in a well-produced and intelligently edited piece."

Watch the video below and click here to dive into the prizewinning multimedia package.