ISTSS Releases Journal Issue on Refugee Children and their Families

The International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies has released a special issue on refugee children and their families, featuring articles on the traumatic effects of child separation and resources for treating and evaluating the mental health of refugees and young people dealing with forced separation. 

The articles will be available at no cost through the end of September:

The familial influence of loss and trauma on refugee mental health: A multilevel path analysis
Angela Nickerson, Richard A. Bryant, Robert Brooks, Zachary Steel, Derrick Silove, Jack Chen

Mental Health Following Separation in a Disaster: The Role of Attachment
H. Colin Gallagher, John Richardson, David Forbes, Louise Harms, Lisa Gibbs, Nathan Alkemade, Colin MacDougall, Elizabeth Waters, Karen Block, Dean Lusher, Elyse Baker, Richard A. Bryant

Children's Memories of Removal: A Test of Attachment Theory
Annika Melinder Gunn, Astrid Baugerud, Kristianne Stigsdatter Ovenstad, Gail S. Goodman

Attachment Narratives in Refugee Children: Interrater Reliability and Qualitative Analysis in Pilot Findings From a Two‐Site Study
Lucia De Haene, Nina Thorup Dalgaard, Edith Montgomery, Hans Grietens, Karine Verschueren

Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms in Preschool Children in Foster Care: The Influence of Placement and Foster Family Environment
Mira Vasileva, Franz Petermann

Association Between Parents’ PTSD Severity and Children's Psychological Distress: A Meta‐Analysis
Jessica E. Lambert, Jessica Holzer, Amber Hasbun

Comparing Trauma Exposure, Mental Health Needs, and Service Utilization Across Clinical Samples of Refugee, Immigrant, and U.S.‐Origin Children
Theresa S. Betancourt, Elizabeth A. Newnham, Dina Birman, Robert Lee, B. Heidi Ellis, Christopher M. Layne

Trauma History and Psychopathology in War‐Affected Refugee Children Referred for Trauma‐Related Mental Health Services in the United States
Theresa S. Betancourt, Elizabeth A. Newnham, Christopher M. Layne, Soeun Kim, Alan M. Steinberg, Heidi Ellis, Dina Birman

“One Scar Too Many:” The Associations Between Traumatic Events and Psychological Distress Among Undocumented Mexican Immigrants
Luz M. Garcini, Juan M. Peña, Angela P. Gutierrez, Christopher P. Fagundes, Hector Lemus, Suzanne Lindsay, Elizabeth A. Klonoff

Psychometric Properties of the Child PTSD Symptom Scale in Latino Children
Omar G. Gudiño, Laura A. Rindlaub

The effects of exposure to community violence on Khmer refugee adolescents
S. Megan Berthold

Narrative exposure therapy for 7‐ to 16‐year‐olds: A randomized controlled trial with traumatized refugee children
Martina Ruf, Maggie Schauer, Frank Neuner, Claudia Catani, Elisabeth Schauer, Thomas Elbert

Evaluation of a Trauma‐Focused Group Intervention for Unaccompanied Young Refugees: A Pilot Study
Elisa Pfeiffer, Lutz Goldbeck

Supporting Asylum Seekers: Clinician Experiences of Documenting Human Rights Violations Through Forensic Psychological Evaluation
Kim A. Baranowski, Melissa H. Moses, Jasmine Sundri


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