Journalist Awarded Damages for PTSD, Anxiety, Depression

In what appears to be the first successful case of its kind, a Melbourne newspaper journalist has been awarded $180,000 in damages for post-traumatic stress, anxiety and depression "from being repeatedly exposed to traumatic events, as a crime and court reporter."

Dart Centre Asia Pacific Managing Director Cait McMahon, and Ochberg Fellow Gary Tippet, both testified as expert witnesses in the case, YZ vs. The Age Company Limited.

Judge Chris O'Neill's finding, which you can read in its entirety below, is appreciative of the work journalists do and lays out a duty-of-care roadmap for newsrooms. Note that though the document says "Restricted - Not Suitable for Publication," that order has been lifted:

YZ v. The Age Company Limited (Journalist PTSD case)

Finding by Judge Chris O'Neill, Melbourne, Australia in YZ v. The Age Company Limited, 22 February 2019. This is the first judgement in favor of a journalist in an occupational PTSD case.