De Cesare Featured in NYT Lens Blog

Donna De Cesare, the Dart Center’s Latin America Coordinator and Dart Media Curator, is featured in today’s New York Times Lens Blog for her new book Unsettled/Desasosiego (University of Texas Press). The bilingual book is a culmination of De Cesare’s 30 years photographing gang members and their families in Central America and in refugee communities in the U.S.

In the 1980s, De Cesare, today an associate professor of journalism at the University of Texas, had gone to Central America to cover the civil war in El Salvador, but while others moved on to cover new conflicts in the Balkans, De Cesare decided to follow what happened to the lives of people in the region when the wars ended. The New York Times blogger calls Unsettled/Desasosiego   “an urgent and moving work that chronicles those who grew up amid political wars, gang wars, or both.”

De Cesare has also created a website, Destiny’s Children, featuring some of the work, and where she plans to provide resources for young people. She also intends to build on her work by creating a school curriculum. Look for a special feature on De Cesare's work coming soon here at


A gang member tries to comfort his children. He wants to leave gang life but his tattoos make it hard to find legitimate work. Guatemala, 2002. (courtesy of Donna De cesare)