Fort Hood Tragedy: Resources for Journalists

The Fort Hood Army Base in Killeen, Texas suffered a tragic second mass shooting yesterday when a soldier killed three people and wounded 16 others before fatally turning a gun on himself. The gunman, Army specialist Ivan Lopez, had served four months in Iraq in 2011 and was being treated for mental health issues. Army officials said he had self-diagnosed a traumatic brain injury after he returned from Iraq.

Fort Hood was the site of another deadly rampage in 2009, when a U.S. army major and psychiatrist killed 13 people and injured 30 others in the worst shooting ever to take place on an American military base. In July 2011, another Fort Hood attack was foiled when an Army private was arrested with bomb-making materials and instructions, and was charged with trying to detonate an explosive at a restaurant near the base where soldiers frequently ate. 

The Dart Center has a host of resources and tips for journalists who are tasked with covering this tragedy:


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