New Name, Renewed Mission

The Dart Society, the journalists' membership organization which grew out of the work of the Dart Center, has a new name: the Ochberg Society for Trauma Journalism.

The new name honors psychiatrist Frank Ochberg, M.D., "whose pioneering work in trauma psychology found a connection to the craft of journalism," the independent non-profit's board says in announcing the change.

In the mid-1990s, Ochberg convened journalists, mental health professionals and victim advocates to find common ground and improve news coverage of violence and its aftermath. He persuaded the Dart Foundation to establish a wide range of innovative programs, including creation of the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma and the independent membership organization now named for him.

The newly-renamed Ochberg Society began as an alumni organization of fellows from Dart Center's annual Ochberg Fellows Program. In 2010, the Dart Society opened membership to a wide range of journalists. The Society, which is independent of the Dart Center and not affiliated with Columbia University, publishes an online magazine, recognizes outstanding editors with the annual Mimi award, and encourages peer outreach to journalists in the aftermath of tragedy.