WITNESS Launches Video Series: Conducting Interviews with Survivors of Sexual Violence

WITNESS has released a 6-part video series to accompany their written guide "Conducting Interviews With Survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence," created in consultation with Dart Center Research Director, Elana Newman.

Scroll down to watch the videos and download, share and/or embed the written guide.

The video series provides additional tips and insights based on first-hand experience from trainees, experts, leading activists and survivors. The content expands on considerations when filming, crafting appropriate questions, safety and security for interview subjects, interviewing techniques and their effects of trauma on survivors.

The series is broken down into six parts:

1) Getting Started – An intro to breaking the silence and what it means for survivors to share their stories.

2) Before Filming – What you should know about approaching survivors and the importance of building trust.

3) Safety & Security – Assessing risks, obtaining informed consent and protecting the identity of survivors.

4) During Filming – Asking appropriate questions and considering logistics of filming.

5) Psychology & Trauma – Being aware of the psychological effects, triggers and general impact of the experience on survivors.

6) After Filming – Now what? How do you share the final version of interview and how relationships between videographers and survivors are affected by interviews.

The full Guide to Interviewing Survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence:

Click here to see what WITNESS is doing to participate in this year’s 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign.