Contributing Factors and Prevention of Suicide

Experts explain factors that contribute to suicide, and the best methods of prevention. 

Factors that Contribute to Suicide

Brian Mustanski, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine and Director of IMPACT: LGBT Heath and Development Program

  • A previous attempt is a substantial predictor
  • There is a serious need to address victimization and bullying

Madelyn Gould, Ph.D. M.P.H., Professor, Psychiatry, Public Health and Epidemiology and Deputy Director, Research Training Program in Child Psychiatry Columbia University/New York State Psychiatric Institute

  • Some underlying vulnerability (such as mood disorder)
  • Stress event
  • Acute mood change
  • Most people are vulnerable at different points in life

How can we work toward prevention? 

Thomas Joiner, Ph.D., Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Florida State University

  • Restricting access to lethal things

Paula Clayton, M.D., Medical Director, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Matthew Nock, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Harvard University and 2011 MacArthur Genius

  • Recognizing mental disorders and treating them

Christopher J. Ruhm, Ph.D., Professor of Public Policy and Economics, University of Virginia

  • Change the system to promote mental health in new ways