RISC Training

October 7, 2013

RISC is a nonprofit organisation which trains and equip freelance journalists in all media to treat life-threatening injuries on the battlefield. Gavin Rees, Director of Dart Centre Europe, will be speaking about psychological trauma, and what journalists need to know in order to safeguard their own wellbeing, as well as that of their colleagues. 

RISC was founded by journalist Sebastian Junger after the death of his friend and colleague, Tim Hetherington, in Libya in 2011. Hetherington’s wound, though very serious, may not have been fatal had one of the journalists or rebels around him had the right medical training. Surviving a gunshot or shrapnel wound is often a matter of doing the right thing in the first few minutes, and RISC training focuses on that brief, critical period of time.

The course is free for qualified journalists working in all media – photography, print, radio and video. RISC covers instruction fees and accommodations (if needed). Each graduate is provided with a comprehensive medical kit to take with him or her back into the field.

For further information visit www.risctraining.co.uk