GIJC Workshop - Frontline Europe - Resilience & Reporting in times of threat

September 25, 2019
2:00 - 5:00pm
Hafen City University
Hamburg, Germany
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Working realities for journalists in Europe have changed drastically. Across Europe the increasingly polarized political environment leads to more hostility against journalists. How can we face this challenge and stay sane and healthy while doing our jobs as journalists? 

At this workshop the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma will offer insights into the trauma awareness that journalists need for their own mental well-being and to support their colleagues. Cait McMahon, Director Dart Center Asia Pacific and one of the world’s leading psychologists in the field of journalism and trauma, will run the workshop in association with network members of the Dart Centre Europe.

We are offering a three hour session that goes beyond the general advice on mental wellbeing to give participants an insight into the trauma awareness that journalists need, to take care of themselves and to be supportive colleagues. We at the Dart Center believe that solidarity between colleagues, staff and freelance, is key in building resilience for the tough times we’re navigating currently. In light of this approach we’re keen to open up the discussion and hear from participants. This workshop aims to be a first step in starting a conversation with the Dart Centre network and the wider journalism community,  about the increasingly important issues around mental health in our industry.  

You need to be a participant of the GIJC to take part in this workshop. If you're interested to find out more you can contact our Program Manager Jeanny Gering at [email protected]