Global Conference on Improving the Protection, Integration and Mental Health of Refugee Journalists

November 5, 2021
Costa Rica

In some regions including Latin America, the increase in the number of displaced journalists over the last ten years has been influenced not only by violence and crimes against journalists but also by political and economic factors and the search for a better quality of life.

In some cases, moving to a new country does not always bring reprieve, given that some journalists and families continue to be harassed and threatened and continue to live in fear. These challenges compromise the mental health of journalists and their ability to defend freedom of expression and promote other human rights. Furthermore, their inability to find employment and difficulties adjusting to their new communities complicates an already challenging reality. 

Therefore, given the need to stimulate debate on the importance of improving the well-being of refugee journalists and strengthening freedom of expression, the UNESCO Cluster Office in Costa Rica will be organizing the Global Conference on the Protection, Security and Mental Health of Refugee Journalists. The Dart Center are an event partner and Gavin Rees, Senior Advisor for Training and Innovation, will be participating in the sessions.

The Conference which will be organized to mark the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists will be focused on:

1.      Discussing the link between impunity for crimes against journalists and the forced displacement of journalists

2.      Identifying best practices regarding improving the protection, integral security and mental health of refugee journalists

3.      Discussing trends related to threats against refugee journalists

4.      Discussing the impact of displacement on the lives of journalists

5.      Discussing the role of civil society, communities and governments in improving the wellbeing of journalists and their families

6.      Highlighting the role of refugee journalists in promoting freedom of expression and other fundamental human rights

(This summary is taken from the Unesco event page, which you can visit here).