The St. Petersburg Times' "For Their Own Good" is a haunting narrative on a century of abuse at the Florida School for Boys; ProPublica/NY Times' "Deadly Choices at Memorial" is a gripping account of the decision-making that left 18 patients dead after injections of painkillers and sedatives in a flooded hospital in New Orleans. Very different stories, but they used a very similar technique in order to structure their long and complicated narratives. Ben Montgomery and Kelley Benham of the St. Petersburg Times and Sheri Fink and Susan White of ProPublica talk through their process.

Both these stories won the Dart Award for Excellence in Coverage of Trauma.

The St. Petersburg Times won the 2010 Dart Award for Excellence in Coverage of Trauma for their series on the "White House Boys": men whose lives are still shaped, fifty years later, by the brutal abuse they suffered as children under the care of the Florida School for Boys.

In this video, photographer Edmund Fountain talks about how he made his stunning portraits of the White House Boys.