David Loyn


David Loyn is an award-winning foreign correspondent for the BBC, where he has worked for 30 years reporting from Moscow, Kosovo, Kashmir, and Kabul, among other places. He also was the only foreign correspondent who was with the Taliban when they took Kabul in 1996.  

His latest book, "In Afghanistan: Two Hundred Years of British, Russian and American Occupation," explores the country's long history of foreign occupation and war, and its long-standing reputation as an unconquerable place.  His previous book, "Frontline: The True Story of the British Mavericks who Changed the Face of War Reporting," was shortlisted for the 2006 Orwell Prize. He was a Dart Center Ochberg Fellow in 2005.

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  • In Afghanistan

    The BBC correspondent who witnessed the taking of Kabul in 1996 searches for an explanation of the Taliban in the history of a nation ruthless to its enemies but generous to its guests.

  • The Faith of a Foreign Correspondent

    I’m a journalist for all those banal reasons - reward, fame, recognition, other human crass things. But, on a more serious note, I do think, at a very profound level, journalism matters. I think if you shine a light on things they get better. I think the truth counts. There is only one truth and that is, in my view, the truth of God.

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