Mieko Yoshihama

Associate Professor, University of Michigan

Dr. Yoshihama's research interests are violence against women, immigrants, mental health, and community organizing. Her research efforts reflect her ongoing advocacy work in Asian Pacific Islander communities in the United States and in Japan over the past two decades.

Yoshihama has conducted numerous community-based research projects on domestic violence both in the United States and Japan, including a nationwide survey in Japan, a study of Japanese-American women in Los Angeles, and life history calendar studies of battered women in Michigan, Tokyo, and San Francisco. She also directs participatory action research projects aimed at organizing and mobilizing local community members to promote collective action to prevent domestic violence. One recent project involves developing, implementing, and evaluating a broad communications campaign in a local Indian community. In addition to serving on the steering committee of the Asian & Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence, Yoshihama serves on advisory committees of various organizations dedicated to ending domestic violence.

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