On the Media: Unprepared, Inexperienced and in a War Zone

On Wednesday night, 2012 Ochberg Fellow Stuart Hughes chaired a panel discussion at London's Frontline Club, which focused on today’s challenges, opportunities and risks for freelance journalists. Inspired by a piece Hughes recently wrote for the BBC College of Journalism, "On the Media: Unprepared, Inexperienced and in a War Zone," he questioned why so many journalists are now choosing to travel at the start of their careers, “not only to the most dangerous countries of the world, but to the most dangerous parts of those countries.”

The two-part conversation included freelance journalists Aris Roussinos and Julia MacFarlane, ITN’s head of safety and security Colin Pereira and director of INSI Hannah Storm. In addition to discussing the potential risks and rewards for journalists, the panel questioned if inexperienced freelancers should be better prepared to head into conflict zones – with more training, guidance and insurance – or if they should be dissuaded altogether from taking these types of risks.

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Watch the entire Frontline Club discussion below: