Our New Website

Welcome to the new online home of the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma!

Over the last 18 months, we've redesigned, rebuilt, and reconceived DartCenter.org as a state-of-the-art resource center, think tank and platform for coverage of violence, conflict and tragedy the world over.

This makeover of DartCenter.org comes with journalism itself in upheaval. Journalists who cover street crime and courts, family violence, war, disasters or human rights now are squeezed between the 24 hour news cycle and an industry in economic crisis. If you are a working journalist, in some nations you work your beat amid escalating assassinations and threats; in other places, you face censorship-by-layoff. All of these pressures make the hard job of reporting thoughtfully on traumatic events even harder.

We've built DartCenter.org with this changing landscape in mind. The site guides you to Dart Center programs built by journalists, for journalists. DartCenter.org is designed to quickly get you the background information, sources and tips you need to make the best choices even under difficult conditions – resources culled from a decade of Dart Center training, research and education.

Most important, we built this website to connect you with colleagues and allies - not only working journalists but a growing network of mental health experts, researchers and educators who share the Dart Center's mission.

If this is a time of crisis in journalism it is also a time of innovation, and the new DartCenter.org is a showcase for fresh approaches to coverage of trauma. Dart Media, our new multimedia gallery, showcases exemplary visual journalism and video on the aftermath of violence and conflict. This new Dart Blog is a forum for discussion and debate, and for highlighting exceptional journalism around the world. Journalists in Europe and the Asia Pacific area will find a rich array of region-specific resources. New gateways for educators, researchers and clinicians ensure that creative approaches to training and new scientific findings get the attention they deserve.

DartCenter.org is a work in progress. It also is a community in progress - a network nurturing innovative, ethical, effective journalism and resilient, trauma-aware journalists.  Explore the site and let us know what you think.