Path of a Bullet

A chronicle of the toll that a single 22-cent bullet exacted on individual victims and the broader community.  Originally published in the Press-Telegram, Long Beach, CA, on November 10, 1996.

Inside is a Press-Telegram special report on the devastating physical, emotional and financial consequences of a single, 22-cent bullet fired from a handgun. The purpose of the report is to educate. Before you look inside, you should be aware that it contains graphic photographs and descriptions to which some readers might object. Some may believe the report is too harsh for children to view. We want to let you know about the content of the report in advance so you can take whatever steps you believe is appropriate.

If you'd like additional copies of this special report, please send $3 a copy to 'path of a bullet,' City Desk, Press-Telegram, 604 Pine Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90844. You also may buy copies at $3 each in the lobby of the Press-Telegram building.