Trauma Awareness and Self-Care for Michigan Journalists

August 11, 2020

How can journalists do their jobs while taking care of themselves?

The Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, a project of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, will deliver a 90-minute webinar for reporters, editors, producers and anyone else working in media in Michigan.

We will discuss best practices in coverage, including:

  • ethical interviewing of traumatized or highly vulnerable sources;
  • effective reporting approaches to sensitive topics;
  • ethics concerns and other reporting dilemmas.

And the basics of self-care and peer support, including:

  • the impact of covering trauma and tragedy;
  • exposure to and the impact of toxic imagery and online harassment;
  • techniques for self-care and collegial support.

Hosted by Bruce Shapiro, Executive Director, Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University