2022 Dart Award Finalists Announced

Dart Awards Info

“The 2022 Dart Award finalists range widely, from fresh, innovative reporting on the year’s all-encompassing crises to hard-hitting investigations bringing to light human rights abuses hiding in plain sight,” said Dart Center Executive Director Bruce Shapiro. “All show the power of compassionate, trauma-informed reporting to rise above polarized politics and click-bait sensationalism, illuminating the most urgent issues facing society and portraying survivors with grace and dignity.”

The finalists for this year's Dart Awards for Excellence in Coverage of Trauma are: Antica Productions and TVO, "Captive"; Atavist, "A Feast for Lost Souls"; CBS News, “Combating the US Military's Silent Epidemic”; Des Moines Register, “Inside Covid’s Siege”; Los Angeles Times, "Disease, Inequity and Resilience”; Miami Herald and ProPublica, "Birth and Betrayal"; NPR Embedded "Capital Gazette: 'A Damn Paper'"; ProPublica and the New York Times Magazine, "Lost Inside"The Outlaw Ocean Project, "The Secretive Prisons That Keep Migrants Out of Europe"; Univision News Digital, "George Floyd: A Community Leader"; Vanity Fair, "They Were Sons"; and Washington Post, “Sex-trafficked Kids Are Crime Victims”

Click below to read, watch and listen to selections from the 2022 Dart Award finalists.

Antica Productions and TVO, "Captive"


Atavist, "A Feast for Lost Souls"


CBS News, “Combating the US Military's Silent Epidemic”


Des Moines Register, “Inside Covid’s Siege”


Los Angeles Times, "Disease, Inequity and Resilience”


Miami Herald and ProPublica, "Birth and Betrayal"
NPR Embedded "Capital Gazette: 'A Damn Paper'"


ProPublica and the New York Times Magazine, "Lost Inside"


The Outlaw Ocean Project, "The Secretive Prisons That Keep Migrants Out of Europe"


Univision News Digital, "George Floyd: A Community Leader"


Vanity Fair, "They Were Sons"


Washington Post, “Sex-trafficked Kids Are Crime Victims”