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Tip Sheet Collection: Victims and Dealing with the Past

This collection of tip sheets, written by journalist Susan McKay, is part of a Queen’s University Belfast project exploring the intersection between victims and ‘dealing with the past’ in Northern Ireland, in particular through examining the themes of voice, agency, and blame.

It includes guidelines on 1) interviewing victims and survivors of conflict; 2) representing and engaging with victims and survivors for journalists, editors and educators; 3) speaking to journalists and the media.

Paramilitary Victims: Inconvenient Truths in N. Ireland

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has, for now, put his alleged role in the IRA’s 1972 murder of Belfast woman Jean McConville behind him as his party topped polls in European and local government elections. Irish journalist Susan McKay analyzes the impact of the McConville case, and of Northern Ireland's broader effort to come to terms with its past.