Maria Sacchetti

Maria Sacchetti covers immigration for The Boston Globe. She was among the 2012 IRE finalists for the series, Justice in the Shadows, about the secrecy permeating the US immigration system. The series revealed the secret arrests of foreigners, some of whom died in jail, private court records, and the unannounced release of dangerous criminals. She covered the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, followed a Boston student to Colombia when his father was deported, and has investigated jails for immigrants. Her work has led to the release of several immigrants and the halting of deportation proceedings against others. She has also exposed the existence of a post-9/11 flight school in Massachusetts that in 2010 was teaching illegal immigrants to fly small airplanes.

She has a bachelor's in journalism and a master's degree in Latin American studies/ economics. She lived in Latin America for several years and is fluent in Spanish and proficient in computer-assisted reporting.

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