Women of Juarez

An eight-part series about survivors in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, a community that has lost hundreds of women to unsolved murders in the past decade.  Originally published in the Orange County Register (Santa Ana, CA), in 2004.

Since at least 1993, hundreds of women have been killed in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, turning a city that once thrived with the pulse of industry into a killing ground.

The goal of this eight-part series is simple: to tell the story of the women of Ciudad Juárez through the eyes of the survivors, giving voice to those who have been silenced. The Register set out to show how the serial killings have transformed a border community whose factories produce U.S. goods and draw hundreds of workers from throughout Mexico and Central America.

Each story represents a different segment of society touched by the killings. Today’s story focuses on a teenage girl who was killed.

Her story shows the void left when a vibrant young woman disappears from a family and a community.