Katherine Brown

Katherine E Brown is a lecturer in Islamic Studies at University of Birmingham, specialising in gender, jihad and counter-terrorism.  Her research examines Muslim women's involvement in political violence, the role of gender in jihadist ideology, and the gendered impact of counter-terrorism policies and practices worldwide. This work engages directly with public debates on security, Islamophobia and women's rights. 

Brown has published widely and is currently working on a monograph on anti-radicalization policies and gender. She is a lead academic board member of the European Union Radicalisation Awareness Network - designed for practitioners in this field - and has conducted extensive and focused research for a range of UK and other government agencies and international institutions, including the 9/11 Memorial, the Austrian Integration Fund, and the European Parliament, among others. 

In 2017 she will be consulting for UN Women on gender mainstreaming in countering violent extremism programmes. She has given expert advice and testimony in the UK in a number of cases involving radicalisation.

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