Living 9/11

This radio special uses a mix of archival recordings and interviews with dozens of ordinary people to help listeners understand the emotional impact of the traumatic event, ten years later. Originally broadcast by WNYC and presented by PRX in August, 2011.

Ten years after the World Trade Center attacks, WNYC's 10th Anniversary Special explores New Yorkers’ most visceral and immediate emotional reactions to the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and how they are – and are not – still with us today.

Fear and shock, grief and guilt, anger, gratitude and solidarity - these emotions overwhelmed many New Yorkers along with the billowing cloud of smoke and debris after the Towers collapsed. WNYC’s news team spent days, months, and then years reporting on the attacks and their aftermath.

Through a mix of their recordings at the time and interviews with people ten years later, WNYC reporter Marianne McCune guides us through the stories of people who were directly impacted by what happened and have been struggling for a decade to make sense of it.

Living 9/11 was produced by Marianne McCune and Emily Botein and edited by Karen Frillmann. Chris Bannon was the Executive Producer. John Ellis composed the music. Engineers Paul Schneider and Jim Briggs III mixed the special. Fred Mogul, Beth Fertig, Courtney Stein and Radio Rookies Eric Leinung, Jillian Suarez, Erin Reeg and Norhan Basuni recorded interviews for Living 9/11 (with help from Rookies producers Courtney Stein, Sanda Htyte and Kaari Pitkin). Thanks to Andy Lanset and WNYC's archives.