Marianne McCune

Marianne McCune is a senior reporter for New York Public Radio. She was with WNYC when the World Trade Center was attacked in 2001 and spent years reporting on the aftermath. She thinks of the New York Metropolitan Area as the center of the world because that's how she covers it: more than a third of New York residents were born in another country and Marianne has spent much of the past decade reporting on the resulting cultural, economic, and political links between New York/New Jersey and almost everywhere else on earth.


Though McCune works in a ‘local’ newsroom, her reporting has also taken her to Pakistan, Haiti, Mexico, Burundi, and Ethiopia. She speaks Spanish and French and has won local and national awards for her reporting. Marianne is also the founder and editor of Radio Rookies, an award-winning series of stories written, reported and produced by New York teenagers.

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