Marcela Turati

2011 Ochberg Fellow

Marcela Turati is a Mexican freelance investigative journalist and author of the book Cross Fire: Victims Trapped in the War on Drugs. She is the founder of the network Journalists on the Move (Periodistas de a Pie), which is dedicated to the professional training of local journalists and to organizing efforts to promote freedom of expression. Turati is the co-founder of the Mexican investigative journalism nonprofit Quinto Elemento Lab and the website Where Do the Disappeared Go? Turati is renowned for her investigations into missing people, enforced disappearances, massacres of migrants, and mass graves.She is recipient of the Dart Ochberg fellowship (2011) and international awards including: the Louis Lyons Award for conscience and integrity in journalism, granted by the Nieman Foundation at Harvard, the 2013 WOLA Human Rights Award honoring outstanding human rights reporting from Latin America, and the LASA Media Award from Latin American Studies Association among others.

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