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2022 Dart Award Finalists Announced

“The 2022 Dart Award finalists range widely, from fresh, innovative reporting on the year’s all-encompassing crises to hard-hitting investigations bringing to light human rights abuses hiding in plain sight,” said Dart Center Executive Director Bruce Shapiro. “All show the power of compassionate, trauma-informed reporting to rise above polarized politics and click-bait sensationalism, illuminating the most urgent issues facing society and portraying survivors with grace and dignity.”

Interviewing in the aftermath of trauma

Death, violence, war, terrorism, natural disaster, the COVID-19 pandemic - at some point within the past year many journalists within Asia Pacific will have reported on a story involving interviewees who had experienced a traumatic event. There is no infallible method for interviewing survivors and witnesses to trauma, Each case is unique and presents its own challenges. But this tip sheet brings together the collective experience of the Dart Centre Asia Pacific’s principal trainers to provide some general advice for interviewing in the aftermath of trauma, and recommendations for before, during, and after the interview.